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dream team to win

about velo

Velo is the first supply-side large deal management solution. By combining proven deal negotiation process methodology with innovative software, Velo enables companies to quickly maximize their value, optimize their leverage, and negotiate to win.

In manufacturing, businesses almost always find that their top few customers generate most of their revenue. Because of this, negotiations with those crucial customers are high risk, high pressure, big-bet scenarios. To further intensify the negotiation pressure, your customer's procurement teams are getting more sophisticated and investing in procure-to-pay software platforms so they can optimize their position and take your money. It's time to fight back and protect your wallet.


Rajesh Aradhye

Technical Services Manager

Rajesh leads our Technical Services team and is responsible for Quality Assurance, Software Configuration, and Customizations across a wide array of manufacturing organizations. He oversees the Production Support organization for 24/7 access to our SaaS Applications on the Cloud. Rajesh brings over 20 years of technical experience in database, web applications, SaaS, and cloud technologies to the team.

Gilbert Chan

Software Engineering Manager

Gilbert oversees our software and web development and application deployment group. He has been working with Profit Velocity since its inception. He brings over 20 years of experience in web development. Gilbert is our go-to guru for all things technology because of his expertise in web, middleware, and database technologies.

Craig Dahl


Craig has been a controller for more than a dozen technology and biotech software companies throughout his career. He has deep experience in systems implementations and is critical to the operation of our company.

Christine Dalrymple

VP of Customer Success & Value Management 

Christine and her team drive profit improvement for our clients by initiating deep and inspired employee engagement with our methodology and software. Christine’s approach is both qualitative and quantitative, assuring that clients achieve the results they expect and deserve.  

Jake Farmer

UI/UX Design & Development Manager

Jake brings over 20 years of experience creating applications for a diverse set of industries. He is responsible for User Interface and User Experience for all Profit Velocity's cloud and SaaS applications - from requirements gathering, writing functional specifications, wireframe creation, and prototyping, to product development and support.

Haley Goodman Lawson

Marketing Manager

Haley leads marketing efforts across Velo and Profit Velocity.  In her role, she develops campaigns and is essential to the brand strategy. Haley works closely with the Business Development department at the top of the funnel and strategizes and executes all social media marketing for the company.

Tim Joseph

VP of sales & Business Development

Tim leads the Sales & Business Development and Marketing teams. He is critical to motivating our customers to operate "differently better" in an intentional manner. He has experience leveraging buyer behavior-based segmentation in industrial businesses to drive the full profit potential of the enterprise and managing strategic partnerships.

Ameet Kumar

Senior VP of Product Development

Ameet leads Profit Velocity’s Product Development and Production Support teams and works closely with our market-facing teams to execute Product Enhancements that solve high-value customer problems. He leads a team of software engineers who support and configure software solutions to deliver solutions to support a broad range of job roles. Ameet brings Profit Velocity over 20 years of software and business consulting experience.   

Jeff Mancuso


Jeff leads Profit Velocity’s operations and oversees our Client Solutions, Analytics Development, Data Configuration, Support, and Product Management/Development teams. He also supports our commercial activity as Profit Velocity subject matter expert and runs our pilot projects. Jeff leverages more than 20 years of manufacturing experience working for both large management/strategy consulting firms (Deloitte and Accenture) and various software startups (focused on supply chain and financial analytics).

Katie Melder


Katie is our commercial leader and expert in catalyzing customer management as a result of negotiations. She manages our engagement teams that deliver our product in a manner that increases both speed-to-installation as well as speed-to-value to ensure client success. Katie has over 15-years of experience building partnerships where true collaboration and co-innovation not only happen but thrive.

Maddy Neher

Senior Manager of Strategic Insights & Analytics  

Maddy bridges the gap between developing analytical insights and implementing them into our customer’s business operations. Maddy focuses on customer engagement and ultimately provides analytical support for our customer's sustainable  success. Her career has been dedicated to commercial financial analysis and she is critical in identifying profit opportunities for our customers to realize.   

Erin Rieddle

Director of Strategic Insights & Analysis

Erin spearheads the development of blinding insights from a broad and deep range of data and intelligence. Erin and her team help our clients deleverage their business by establishing easy-to-understand and easy-to-execute customer and product segmentation schemas which result in more pragmatic and profitable decisions in operations and the marketplace.

Derek Roper


Derek designs and oversees our Cloud, SaaS, and appliance infrastructures and manages our overall data and network security. He is responsible for auditing and maintaining the security compliance of our software platforms. He has over 20 years of IT experience and holds numerous technical certifications.

Michael Rothschild

Founder & CEO

Michael created the next generation of business analytics and profit improvement when he founded Profit Velocity over a decade ago. His paradigm-shifting work on the economy has been featured in Forbes, New York Times, Economist, Fortune, Financial Times, and Strategic Finance. Michael earned an MBA from Harvard Business School and a JD from Harvard Law School. 

Mark Shwert

Senior VP, Data & configuration

Mark leads our Data Transformation and Configuration Team. He works intimately with our customers to ensure that their date accurately represents their business in our platform. Mark brings over 25 years of manufacturing, business insights, and data analytics experience to Profit Velocity and spent his earlier career in strategy consulting working for BCG. Mark holds several patents related to our Profit Velocity methodology.





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Learn to Grow logo

Learn to Grow

Christina Taylor is Velo's strategic advisor for organizational change readiness. She provides expert advice to our clients on driving sustained results. Christina works with our client's executive sponsors to identify and address organizational resistance to change.