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Learn about our honeycomb methodology

large deals = big impact

Stop discounting.
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Expert-led engagements guide your commercial team through negotiation processes leading to confidence, alignment, and negotiating power.  

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Playbooks provide a game plan for your team to utilize before, during, and after negotiation. 

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Capture more value in your next negotiation and rapidly maximize profit of your business. 

The velo approach

This turnkey value management solution is what you need to maximize your company's profits.

01 Segmentation

Break the Stick

Use a segmentation schema to reduce the complexity of your product and customer mix.   

The 64/4 Rule 

Pareto’s famous 80/20 rule states that 80 percent of your business comes from 20 percent of your customers. The 64/4 rule points out that most businesses have an 80/20 inside their 80/20. This means that the top 4% of customers drive 64% of the business.   

Customer Prioritization

Create a foundation to minimize cost-to-serve and properly resource your business using the 64/4 rule as a guide for grouping your customers. 

Segmentation Graph

02 Tiered Offers

Set the Guardrails

Align offers with the customer’s willingness to pay. Know when to give customized experiences and when not to.  

Tier-based Policies, Rules, and Fee-based Options  

Optimize your order-to-delivery and order-to-cash processes by implementing policies, rules, and fee-based options.

Tiered Offers graph

03 large deals

Win at the Negotiation Table  

Focusing on the largest customer positions is crucial to maximizing overall profit.  

Negotiation planning Readiness

Equip your business with process-centered negotiation readiness and consistently get paid for the value you create. Businesses that institutionalize this negotiation approach and process immediately increase their speed-to-cash.

The War Room

Create a negotiation plan to win by leveraging our value-based methodology. It all begins in a 2-day war room workshop with your cross-functional deal team. 

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04 Fragmented mix

It's All in the Mix

Gain a new perspective with our time-based mix management tool and see it transform your business and maximize profitability. 

Profit per Hour

Capture specific value initiatives and align your organization around the shared metric of profit per hour.  

Complexity Management

Focus on what matters by monetizing your competitive strengths and deleveraging the rest. 

Asset Planning

Identify what delivers the most profit from your facilities, so you can maximize return on assets.  

Fragmented Mix graph

05 Process centered execution

Do the Work

Process beats skill, and it’s not even close.  

Value Management

Institutionalize  value process management so profit maximization becomes part of your culture.

Change Management

Manage the people side of profitability. How you approach the ongoing development of your organization can be your biggest differentiator.  

Process Centered Execution graph

06 program tracking and management

Keep Score

Set your organization up for success by focusing on metrics that matter. 

Establish Program Management Office (PMO)

Set up a PMO to assign accountability and establish a team-based approach to profit.  

Performance Tracking

Build momentum with early wins. Define how you measure success and manage critical milestones.    

Results Driven Transformation

Galvanize organizational alignment by tracking results and telling the story. Turn your leaders into profit heroes.  

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velo software

Our cloud-based software gives you the tools you need in a single platform to maximize outcomes before, during, and after negotiation.  

Leaders focus on value graph

Leaders focus on value

Our Economic Value Estimation tool empowers commercial teams to measure and communicate the value created for their customers in the way that matters - dollars.

Know what your customer values graph

Know what your customer values

Our Perceived Value Tool helps commercial teams focus on what is important to their customer and what their customer is willing to pay for that value. 

Planning is everything graph

Planning is everything

Our Negotiation Planner allows commercial teams to manage complex negotiations in a structured way.  Our software provides a dynamic workflow environment from open to close, ensuring organizational alignment and readiness. 

Time is money graph

Time is money

Profit Velocity time-based profit analytics ensure you are selling what makes you the most money.  

do you have one platform to manage all of your deals?

profit velocity software

Profit per unit metrics graph

It’s time to upgrade from traditional profit per unit metrics 

Profit Velocity illuminates previously unseen revenue and profit gain opportunities that are masked by traditional unit margin profit metrics. Our unique time-based profit analytics arms management teams with the ability to Analyze, Plan, and Control for what is coming next and confidently react – even when key variables (prices, costs, volumes, and productivity) are all in flux at the same time. 

How to run operations graph

Gain a new perspective on how to run operations to reach profit maximization 

Our proprietary technology delivers invaluable insights to executive teams, commercial teams, investment bankers, private equity investors, and management consultants. We provide decision-makers with an entirely new level of control over their business, empowering them to maximize revenue and profits.  



INTPACT scours every corner of the web to gather insights that help deal teams win in negotiations. They offer powerful,  turn-key market intelligence solutions designed for organizations that need to better understand their customers’ points of view, agility and foresight. Together, we deliver insights on target markets, customers, and competitors that help clients close better deals. logo helps companies achieve certainty and scalability of top sales performance. To do this, they use simulated environments. We connect your teams with’s experts to prepare them for customer conversations, testing the message and delivery.  .  

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Learn to Grow

Christina Taylor is Velo’s strategic advisor for organizational change readiness. She provides expert advice to our clients on driving sustained results. Christina works with our client's executive sponsors to identify and address organizational resistance to change.